Kyaot Operation

The Kyaot consists of a paddle wheel revolving within a cylindrical steel enclosure.  The paddles form eight separate compartments or pockets which hold the grain.  Grain can enter directly from overhead or at a 45° angle. 
The  KYAOT valve consists primarily of an inlet and an outlet, a strike offTM control, electrical circuit, digital counter, motor, gear box and explosion-proof limit switch.  Flow of grain or materials to the inlet must have a choked feed at all times.  To Satisfy this condition, we use a low level control which automatically shuts off the KYAOT whenever it does not see grain.  Once grain again starts flowing, this control automatically starts the KYAOT - but only after a time delay switch has allowed enough time to return to a choked feed condition.


        To properly operate the KYAOT, the following information is needed;

        A.  Load out Capacity desired in pounds.
        B.  Cubic foot displacement for each of the eight pockets in the KYAOT  (K-Factor)
        C.  Weight per cubic foot (density of the material to be loaded).

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